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Help us empower female winemakers all over the globe. We love wine. We love dinner parties. Great stories. We appreciate sharing and dreaming. We toast to life. Will you raise your glass with us?

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Our biggest dream? A world where everyone can be themselves. A world where everyone gets equal opportunities. Together we can make a big impact. Our profits go to the Made with Maude foundation. That tastes just a little bit better!

Support female winemakers in a man's world

Enjoy fantastic wines, made by those with love for the world

The purpose of our profit is to propel positive change

Made with dreams

Made with Maude started spontaneously on a beautiful evening in Lisbon. During a conversation about equality, diversity and inclusion and the challenge of inequality that many women face. Also in the world of wine. It was the beginning of a new journey. A journey where strong women pursue their dreams to inspire others. A journey where we contribute in a positive way to a world where everyone is equal and can be themselves.

We are thirsty for change

We are thirsty for change

Made with Maude is about making a positive change in this world together. It's a movement. A movement to offer women the opportunities that they deserve. A movement to contribute to an equal world. Women make wonderful, surprising wines but make up only a small part of the global winemakers. Another hurdle for female winemakers is the gender inequality that they face. We are here to offer a stage for these women, and help restore the balance.

Underrepresentation of women in the industry

Discrimination and inequality throughout the industry

Equal opportunities
for all

Meet Maud

Ik denk dat "tastes good" en "do good" hand in hand gaan. Laten we het leven vieren en gelijke kansen voor iedereen creëren.

Maud Kleuskens - Founder MWM

Dive into Maud her story

Together with Maud

Our products invite you to share, connect and inspire. Made with Maude is a brand with a mission. But we cannot change the world on our own, we need each other to do so. Made with Maude believes in the power of acting together. Want to help? You are helping us by sharing our story with your friends or giving a product from us as a gift. But Made with Maude is also interesting for companies when it comes to "diversity & inclusion". We would love to visit you with a good story and a glass of wine.

Meaningful gifts

Always wanted to know more about wine? Our specialists are ready for you! Experience an extensive tasting or wine workshop? Make a combination with the subject of diversity and inclusion? Ask for the possibilities!

Inspiring talks

Made with Maude is about telling a story. A story about our women winemakers. A story about gender equality. A story about connection, entrepreneurship, female leadership. The inspired and passionate entrepreneur Maud Kleuskens shares her story with all her love.

Energizing events

We love events with purpose. Where connections are made. Our wines can play the leading, or just a small supporting role. Our network includes event managers, D&I trainers and team building specialists. Made with Maude gives every event just that one bite.

The Made with Maude Foundation

There is a world out there to conquer when it comes to equality between men and women. In the world of wine as well as beyond.

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Every bottle tells a story

MWM Anna 0.5%
White 2020

Citrusy and fresh, pairs perfectly with seafood, salads and light cheese or as aperitif. Drink it chilled!

Claudia Gomes

MWM Anna 0.5%
Rosé 2019

Floral and intense with wild fruits. Pairs perfectly with light dishes. Or as an aperitif. Drink it chilled!

Claudia Gomes

MWM Ofelia Grande
White 2020

A complex and aromatic wine, perfect to enjoy at a special occasion or to just share with your loved ones.

Patricia Santos

MWM Ofelia
Red 2020

Elegant and delicious, with taste notes of red fruits and forest fruits in its aroma. Pairs perfectly with pasta.

Patricia Santos

MWM Ofelia
White 2020

Cheerful and fragrant. The perfect wine to share with friends. Pairs perfectly with small bites and good stories.

Patricia Santos

MWM Ofelia
Rosé 2020

Floral aromas and intense with wild fruits. Pairs perfectly with of without food, especially at the end of a working day.

Patricia Santos

MWM Super
Reserva Bruto

COMING SOON. This delicious sparkling wine made by Marta is in the making for you and available soon.

Marta Lourenço

MWM Reserva
Meio Seco

COMING SOON. This delicious sparkling wine made by Marta is in the making for you and available soon.

Marta Lourenço

Made with love

Our wines are made with love. That's why we think it is important to share what you drink, where it comes from, how it is made and especially who makes it. we are open. About our production processes, always striving for ways to improve them. About the ingredients. Our wine contain sustainable grapes, organic or biodynamic. Our products are made with love for wine and love for life.

Vegan friendly

Sustainable grapes

No synthetic pesticides

No artificial ingredients

Made with her

We work with passionate, inspiring female winemakers. Who give our wines just that extra little oomph with optimal finesse, endless patience and a great eye for detail. Call it a women's touch. You can taste that!

Through a series of change encounters we started to support talented female winemakers in beautiful Portugal. A true wine country with so much left to discover. But rest assured, it is our ambition to let many other countries follow in Portugals footsteps!

Patricia Santos

Beira Interior Wine region

“I love living in the countryside. I feel at my best when I am close to nature. Being a winemaker in this beautiful area fills me with pride and joy."

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Claudia Gomes

Península de Sétubal Wine region

“Contributing to people's wellbeing and happiness is what keeps me going on a daily basis."

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Marta Lourenço

Távora e Varosa Wine region


"I accidentally became a winemaker, but it was the best plot twist I could have ever imagined!"

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