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It'a an man's world... both in the world of winemaking as well as beyond is a world left to be won when it comes to gender equality.

Imagine a world where everyone is equal

The Made with Maude Foundation strives to create a world where everyone can be themselves and live in complete freedom. We support bold and daring ideas, so that we can contribute to a more equal world every day. We work with inspiring people and organisations who are tackling inequality in simple, smart and sometimes radical ways, and give them what they need to succeed. Inside and outside the world of wine. We go further.

In 2022, we are putting the focus on a great cause. We do this together with CARE.

Women empowerment
in Pakistan

Did you know that the employment rate for women in Pakistan is only 22 per cent? This is due to conservative attitudes and limited career and educational opportunities. In addition, many women do not feel safe on public transport and stay at home out of fear of being harassed on their way to work. To get from A to B, women are therefore dependent on their husbands, fathers, or brothers. As a result, they often arrive late – or not at all – at their destinations, and Pakistan's economy is primarily a man's world.

CARE supports people in the most difficult places in the world to build a better life. They fight poverty by fighting inequality. That is why CARE is committed to equal rights and opportunities for women and men. Because in a fair world, everyone belongs. The Made with Maude Foundation is happy to contribute to that.

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Let's pay it forward & create an equal world together!

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